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MX1WEST now carries Dakar-proven Hammer Nutrition products!

Hammer Nutrition products are Dakar-proven by American stage-winner Jonah Street. Our own race director, Dave Peckham, also proved the effectiveness of a Hammer Nutrition regimen during the 10-day, 3,000 mile, off-road Rally Dos Sertoes:

"The race was epic! 300 miles of off-road racing for 10 days straight. I used Hammer Nutrition's HEED and Gel on the course, bolstered with their Endurolytes. They kept me going strong all day long. I followed up with Recoverite after each stage, and that helped me to wake up fresh every morning."

You're Less Than 60 Minutes From Better Race Results! Check out Hammer Nutrition's white paper, "Fueling For Motocross Success" , for a motorcycle-specific take on sports nutrition.

Exclusive MX1WEST Pairings

These motorcycle-specific pairings were developed by MX1WEST with specific input from Hammer Nutrition's experts.