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Outback Motortek Honda Africa Twin Crash Bars & Skid Plate Black COMBO

MSRP Price: $644.00
MX1WEST Price: $625.00
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Part #: OBM-CRF1000-CB-BL/SP-BL

Fits All Africa Twin Models, Manual, DCT and Adventure Sport.

Crash Bars: One of the biggest advantages of our crash bars system is the all around 27mm diameter tubing that rests on 4 and 5mm thick steel mounting tabs and offers reliable protection for fairing, radiator.

The design is based on the philosophy that less is often more, hence we created a compact, sturdy set of crash bars that do not reach far away from its mounting points. This system perfectly complements the sporty, aggressive lines of the Africa Twin 1000.

Important: changing air filter in your Africa Twin is a big job that requires plastic fairings removal. With our crash bars mounted, you can still remove or have the plastic fairings removed by your dealer’s mechanic for air filter change.

  • Hand MIG welded – It’s all about the strength! We continue to follow our philosophy: toughness and functionality over appearance. Although our welders make those welds look like art.
  • Quality 27mm/1.06″ steel tube with 2mm wall thickness - any low quality steel tubing BELOW THESE SPECS will be crushed when your 450lbs+ bike crashes into the ground. Our guards are designed to take the beat!
  • Less is often more. We didn’t try to cover the whole entire bike with crash bars that look like a cobweb. The all new Honda Africa Twin 1000 has very few tough mounting points, thus it makes more sense to create one solid and compact crash bar that stays close to the few mounting points instead of being far spread out. Our compact and tough crash bars are the only way to go here to truly protect your Honda’s expensive and fragile parts.
  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!

New skid plate! The upgrade includes the Outback Motortek "signature" embossed ribs on the bottom! The 2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L is the most anticipated bike on the adventure/dual-sport motorcycle market. Outback Motortek couldn't miss out on the chance to have this amazing motorcycle outfitted with protective and off-road accessories. FYI, it's compatible with DCT models. Our skid plate was designed to truly tackle hardcore terrains and adventure. It is also the ONLY Africa Twin 1000 skid plate on the market that attaches to the crash bars! Outback Motortek takes this bike seriously, just as Honda advertises it: the True Adventurer. Period.

  • Protects crucial areas of the engine – oil pan, engine case, oil cooler, oil filter and exhaust header! That’s a long list of very expensive parts to expose to any sort of damage that will reduce your Africa Twins value in no time.
  • Uniquely designed vent system – Not only unique but very-well thought out. No unnecessary holes were designed on this bash plate. As a result, your engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris from off-roading fly at the engine and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header.
  • Embossed ribs – These additional ribs add a lot of strength to the skid plate where it matters the most: the bottom. By embossing these ribs into the skid plate, we increase the cross-section of the material to about 9mm, hence this area is nearly twice as strong as other parts. Not to mention, these ribs act like gliders while your skid plate tries to slide over rocks, logs and other hard obstacles on offroad trails. Smaller surface means less resistance.
  • True off-road and adventure shape – What does that even mean?? It means we have experience in building top-notch bash plates. We avoid designing skid plates that are shaped like boxes, have sharp edges and corners and will guaranteed to restrict your rides off road. We design and build skid plates that you will only benefit from while riding on rough terrain.
  • 4mm thick laser cut aluminum – Nothing is ever an overkill on an adventure bike, hence we choose to build our bash plates from this ridiculously tough and thick, yet lightweight material.
  • Tough mounting hardware – No cutting corners here (either)! Precision laser cut pieces for perfect fitment using 5mm thick metal mounts. These parts absorb a lot of impacts from riding through (off-road) hell, rather than your bikes chassis or engine that are worth thousands of dollars.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware – These quality bolts and nuts will always and forever look nice and shiny. Unless your bike is covered in mud and dust…
  • Sandblasted to achieve the best possible adhesion of the coatings – it’s an extremely vital part of our manufacturing process. Sandblasted surfaces will withstand most surface scratches and give you a longer-lasting product.
  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!

8 reasons why you should invest in the right crash bars - By Lorry G.

Crash bars or some call it engine guards and adventure motorcycles go hand in hand. The question is not whether will you drop you bike but more like when will you drop your bike? Essentially you need a set of crash bars!

Protective motorcycle armor has been around for decades. Some make real good, functional and attractive looking ones. Some just don’t get all the above features right. On top of that, some try it too hard and come out with bogus products just to jump on the “adventure bike accessories” bandwagon. Read below the eight reasons why you need a decent set of crash bars.

  1. Long Term Savings – Call your motorcycle dealer and ask for a quote on the following parts: radiator, fuel tank fairings, fuel tank, turn signals. Guaranteed you will have to sit down to digest the price tag your local motorcycle dealer shoves down your throat. To put this into actual numbers, at least $1500-$3000 depending on the brand you own. Don’t forget to add the mechanic’s charges to the bill…How does a $300 investment into a set of crash bars sound like?
  2. Look – A lot of guys treat their bikes like their wives/girlfriends. Some even better but let’s not get into that. I’m safe to assume that making your bike look awesome and adventure-ready is just as important. After all, you’ll want to show it off in front of your buddies.
  3. Structural Design – In my humble opinion, there are more crash bars on the market that don’t work than the ones that do. Why? Poor structural design. Just because one adds a “ton” of metal tubes all across the crash bars and make it look like a cobweb, it won’t work better. It will result in excessive weight, vibration(!) and could very well crush your bike’s expensive plastic parts, crack the frame or rip mounts off the engine during an impact. Raising your crash bars up too high to try to protect the fuel tank is a disaster waiting to happen. The further the protective armor reaches away from the mounting points, the more flexible it becomes. As long as you don’t crash your bike, you’ll be fine. The headache begins when you lose control over your bike while riding on a trail and you sure better let that beast go and give in to gravity. It’s not rocket science that when a 500lbs+ bike hits the ground there will be some serious impact and with that impact there will be some serious damage. If you’ve got the right crash protection, then you will most likely be able to ride on. If you don’t, then better have a buddy with a pickup truck or AAA platinum card. Outback Motortek believes in the less-is-more philosophy, therefore we design and make compact crash bars.
  4. Quality Hardware – Small thing but could be a real nuisance not to pay attention to. We use 8.8, 10.9 or even 12.9 grade galvanized or stainless steel bolts and place them where they best suit their purpose.
  5. Mounting tabs or pieces are as essential as wheels for cars. They are the strongest and most essential links between the protective armor and bike’s chassis and/or engine. These parts must absorb the last piece of impact. What’s even more important that in some cases they need to able to bend to prevent the energy from the impact to be transferred onto the frame or engine.
  6. Surface Treatment – Are we talking about show bikes or adventure bikes for off-roading? If you think your bike is the latter, then you might want to opt for a durable and no frills surface. Outback Motortek chooses to sandblast all their products to create an adhesive surface before powder coating. Sandblasting is certainly key in creating a surface that withstands a lot of abuse from riding off-road. Most manufacturers choose only the powder coating option and some choose the fancier anodizing.
  7. Fitment – The majority of crash bars are hand-made or hand-finished, therefore there is always the chance to make errors. Regardless, there are manufacturers that make better fitting products than others. Fitting should be part of quality control, before and after welding the crash bar components. We follow up with this and run a series of tests during the manufacturing process to make one of the best fitting crash protection in the market.
  8. Warranty, customer service – Warranty is an insurance that customers pay when purchasing products. Outback Motortek offers warranty for its customers given that the product in question failed due to material or manufacturing error. If you beat up your crash bars while off-roading and your bike remains intact, we will invite you for a six pack or a bottle of wine of your choice. Just send us some epic shots of your adventure(s).

Benefits of the Outback Motorteck Skid Plate - By Lorry G.

We off-road and adventure riders buy skid plates for one reason: to protect the heart of our motorcycles no matter what the road less traveled throws at it. Damaging your engine or its components could mean to fail to have fun while riding. No one wants that. On the serious note, it means thousands of dollars wasted for repairs.
Mounting skid plate on your adventure or dual-sport bikes should not take much convincing but making the right choice can save you from a lot of headache down the road.
  • Made of one single piece – These bad boys are NOT welded together like a puzzle from various pieces. We use a high precision laser cutting machine to cut from entirely one single sheet and our sheet metal bending tools are custom made for each skid plate to remain precise throughout the manufacturing process. The only exceptions to this are the F700/800GS and Vstrom skid plates where in order to avoid the boxy design, we had to cut out the bottom front corners and weld in corresponding piece.
  • Uniquely designed vent system – Why cut any design elements into a bash plate is just beyond me. This will result in a weakened structure. Unless, you only need a decorative skid plate on your bike. As for our bash plates, no unnecessary holes were designed. As a result, your bike’s engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris from off-roading fly at it and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header, yet it remains structurally tough.
  • True off-road and adventure shape – What does that even mean?? It means we have experience in building top-notch bash plates. We avoid designing skid plates that are shaped like boxes, have sharp edges and corners and guaranteed to restrict your rides off road. Ours are more, per se, aerodynamic and will glide over and gently bounce off any object on your favorite trails.
  • Embossed Ribs – I believe this is our signature feature among other skid plates. The idea behind this feature is to increase the strength without additional weight. During the manufacturing process these ribs are embossed by a 200 tonne pressing machine, thus the cross-section of the material increases from 4mm to about 9mm. This process will not increase the thickness but the structural strength. Twice! Also, these embossed ribs act as gliders. Off-road and adventure ready!
  • Mounting hardware – Our mounting tabs or pieces are made of 5mm thick steel. In case of a huge impact on the skid plate, these steel mounts are the last safeguard for your engine and its components. Tough as a tank!

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