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Outback Motortek X-Frame RotoPax Bracket for Pannier Racks (1) (Color Options)

MX1WEST Price: $35.00

Product Options

X shaped Rotopax mount bracket for standard pannier racks. The Rotopax mount bracket can also serve as the base for our tool box.

By shifting the Rotopax mount into certain positions, a 1 gallon Rotopax mount can be mounted on the inside of the pannier racks opposite side of the exhaust muffler.

Rotopax fuel canister and Rotopax accessories are not included in the purchase.

The sliding Rotopax mount also allows the mounting of the Rotopax on the outside shifted all the way forward or backward, thus making room for strapping a smaller 6-10L bag next to it.

Also compatible with other pannier racks brands with the following specs: 18mm diameter tubing, 213 (H) x 313 (L) internal diameter.

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