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Arai Helmet VXPro4 White SNELL 2020

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ARAI VX PRO 4: Feel the Arai Difference

The iconic Arai VX Pro-3 receives its long-awaited replacement in the form of the Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet. The Arai VX Pro4 dirt helmet is for the serious off-road enthusiast, who requires nothing but the utmost in comfort and protection from their lid. The round shell shape is based on Arai's R75 Shape Concept and is optimized for strength and the peak, mouth vent and top vents are all designed to break away upon impact leaving less surface mass to catch or bind.

The interior Dry-Cool liner and cheek pads have been redesigned for comfort and ease of putting the helmet on and removing it, and feature Arai's signature triple-density foam construction. The eyeport is extremely wide and is large enough to accommodate even the largest goggles for a panoramic view of your surroundings. All the VX Pro vents have been redesigned, including an all new chin vent which has been moved to the outside of the helmet, which in turn makes the helmet roomier in the chin area. The other vents have been re-tooled as well, to provide increased airflow.


  • Features new peak 14mm longer, 5mm wider than VX-PRO3
  • Larger relief ports to allow more air to escape from under the larger peak to minimize lift/pulling at speed
  • New chin vent incorporates expanded SS mesh moved from inside to outside of shell, provides room to move the EPS chin liner forward for more room in the face area
  • Chin vent has mesh cap, round & smooth to resist snagging & digging in, easily removable with single screw and will break away if necessary in an impact
  • Inner Mud Gate that can be easily removed for more airflow
  • New Liner components features FCS cheek pads that have a larger surface area, wrapping under jaw for more comfort like our street helmets
  • New removable/replaceable/washable neck roll pad
  • 5mm peel away Cheek pads and temple pads
  • New red & black material accent colors for a tri-color interior
  • New Emergency Cheek Pad Removal strap label design for easier use label acts as pull tab for strap
  • New Ventilation consists of additional top vent hole, increasing from 5 to 6 upper vents
  • New upper and lower rear exhaust vent cowl design to increase airflow and vacuum exhaust
  • Vents designed to assist holding goggle strap in center position and not slide off up or down
  • Upper rear exhaust vent set design to accommodate all 5 shell sizes
  • New vent design still frangible under crash impact, but seem more durable against smaller contact
  • Same 3 basic chin intakes, 2 under peak intakes, 6 upper exhaust and 2 lower exhaust
  • New eye-port trim & material has molded rubber trim across top of eye port, with standoff ribs, that resists goggles wearing the helmet liner as well as providing small gap for airflow
  • Molded goggle strap guides at either side of eye port trim

To ensure proper sizing, please do the following:

  • Take a head measurement with a cloth tape measure. Wrap tape measure around your head one inch above your eyebrows, directly above your ears and to the widest area at the back of your head.
  • Look up your size on the chart below:

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