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HammerLEDS Flex 4 LED Turn Signals Full Kit Husqvarna

MX1WEST Price: $230.00

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Flex 4 LED motorcycle turn signals are durable, flexible, waterproof and ultra-bright making them the best motorcycle turn signals for adventure riding. This turn signal kit includes all the components for a complete (front and rear) plug-and-play turn signal upgrade.


These LED motorcycle turn signals are built tough. Designed to withstand motorbike drops and to endure the harshest off-road environments.

During a drop, the stainless steel spring stalk allows the LED turn signal to bend freely through 360° of motion. This removes any excess force and protects OEM fairings of your motorcycle and the turn signals themselves from being smashed or broken.



Unlike most of the aftermarket LED motorcycle turn signals that disappear in direct sunlight, HAMMERLEDS® Flex 4 feature 4 premium quality 120° ultrabright amber LEDs. This allows us to achieve supreme daytime visibility from all viewing angles.

With an impressive 308 lumen of light output (at 5.4W) Flex 4 is one of the brightest turn signals on the market. Often even brighter than your original OEM turn signals with incandescent bulbs. And in adventure riding it matters. Safety matters.

Stay visible. Stay safe. Day and night.


Flex 4 enclosure and wiring is entirely sealed and IP68 rated. That means no water, mud or dust can get in. No more foggy lenses or burnt wires. No more unnecessary stress.

After testing them under a pressure of 2ATM for 24 hours and in various temperatures, we are sure that our LED turn signals can withstand any environment you throw them in. Let it be a snowy mountain pass or a long stretch of open desert, Flex 4 are ready for that.

Once home, simply jetwash all the dirt away without any worries.



Integrated rubber damping tube adds stiffness and doesn't allow the turn signals to bounce while riding on rough terrain or vibrate at highway speeds.

During a drop the damping tube slides freely within the turn signal base. It also protects the wires from abrasion or being torn, so nothing gets damaged.

This ensures that Flex 4 turn signals are always steady - on rough terrain, at highway speeds or on single cylinder motorcycles with heavy engine vibration.


HAMMERLEDS® - Flex 4 turn signal kits are tailored for each individual motorcycle model. This guarantees our turn signals will fit and operate on your selected motorcycle without any issues. This turn signal kit includes all the components for a complete (front and rear) turn signal upgrade.

Flex 4 LED motorcycle turn signals are equipped with manufacturer specific OEM connectors for an easy plug'n'play installation. Each kit also includes a load independent electronic flasher relay with OEM connector to avoid hyper-flash issue (turn signals flash too quickly) when converting from incandescent bulb indicators.

All components of this kit can be fitted onto your motorcycle as a direct replacement of the original parts. No modifications to the original parts or the wiring harness of your motorcycle are required.

  • 360° bendable stalk protects the OEM fairings and the turn signals from being broken. With Flex 4 you can forget about replacing your broken blinkers. During a motorcycle drop the bendable stalk allows the turn signal to bend freely and minimize the impact force. This helps to avoid damage to the turn signals or OEM fairings of your motorcycle.
  • Ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs make sure you are visible in traffic. With 4 premium quality 120° ultra-bright amber LEDs and 300 lumen light output, Flex 4 provides supreme daytime visibility and often outperforms your OEM indicators. Rated at 4.8 Watts, Flex 4 is one of the brightest motorcycle turn signals on the market.
  • Integrated damping tube keeps the turn signals steady while riding on rough terrain. Unlike some OEM turn signals that bounce heavily when riding off road, Flex 4 are always steady thanks to the integrated damping tube.
  • IP68 rated, waterproof enclosure avoids water damage. No more fogged lenses or corroded wires. Flex 4 turn signals are IP68 rated, resistant to mud, water and dust. Riding in heavy rain, crossing rivers or jet washing your motorcycle - these turn signals are ready for that.
  • Extra durable materials ensure these turn signals will last a long time. Flex 4 turn signals are built to last. No plastic parts and compromises in build quality. Enclosure is CNC'ed from tough 6-series aluminum, hard anodized for scratch resistant and UV protected surface. The spring is made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Thick, 2mm polycarbonate lens with reinforced carcass.
  • Protected by our 5Y warranty & 5Y crash-care program. For extra peace of mind each of our turn signals is backed up by a 5Y limited manufacturer warranty and covered by our 5Y crash-care program.


  • Indicator technology: LED (light-emitting diodes)
  • Number of LEDs: 4
  • LED color: PC amber
  • Maximum light output: 332 Lumens
  • Operating voltage: 10-15 V
  • Power rating: 4.8 W
  • Overvoltage protection: no
  • Reverse polarity support: yes
  • Front running light support: no
  • Connector type: motorcycle specific OEM connector
  • Wire length: motorcycle specific, minimum 300 mm / 11.8 in
  • Turn signal stalk: flexible
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 83 x 25 x 17 mm / 3.26 x 1 x 0.67 in
  • Thread dimensions: M10x1.25
  • Weight: 55 g / 2 oz
  • Materials:
    • Main enclosure - CNC 6-series aluminum, hard anodized in black, with scratch resistant and UV protected surface
    • Threaded stud - CNC 6-series aluminum, hard anodized in black, with scratch resistant and UV protected surface
    • Spring stalk - stainless steel
    • Fresnel lens - injection molded 2mm thick polycarbonate with reinforced carcass
  • Enviromental protection: IP68 rated (water and dust proof), tested at 2ATM pressure for 24 hours
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C / -4°F to 131°F
  • Warranty: 5-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Crash-care: 5-year crash-care program

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